My name is Val and me and my little family live in Heber City, Utah. We absolutely love it here! It's so gorgeous and we are surrounded by our beautiful Utah mountains. I love sports, TV shows, the outdoors, going on trips with my family and eating good food (give me a great place to eat pizza and we will be best friends.) I have 3 absolutely amazing and spirited daughters. My husband and our dog, Charlie, are great sports for putting up with so many women in the house.

I'm a chaser of beautiful light and I LOVE what I do! I've been a photographer since 2010. I honestly can't imagine what it would be like without this business of mine and the incredible people it has brought into my life. My goal as a photographer is to capture genuine love and happiness. To show, through photos, who you and your loved ones are, and what makes your relationship unique. Let's make some awesome photos together that you will always cherish!